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Storytellers Daniel RECAP

Posted: December 12, 2011 by jaultma2 in PULSE Worship, Small Groups
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This Wednesday at PULSE join us as we cover what we learned through the life of Daniel.  From his forced enlistment into the king’s service to his harrowing trip inside the lion’s den we learned there was more to Daniel than meets the eye.  Don’t miss out as we wrap up Daniel and preview our new series starting 2012!

Storytellers continues 12/7

Posted: December 5, 2011 by jaultma2 in PULSE Worship
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We’ve had packing parties, Turkey Day and Battleball but now it’s time to dive back into the book of Daniel for Storytellers!  Don’t miss it this Wednesday at 7pm at PULSE.

A fiery furnace, the Son of God, instant death, life-altering decisions, a still very evil king, 4=3 and that was just chapter 3.  Imagine what’s in store for chapter 4 of “Storytellers: Daniel.”  Experience it tomorrow at PULSE!

Storytellers continues…

Posted: October 27, 2011 by jaultma2 in PULSE Worship
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An evil King, a noble hero, a challenge, a death threat, a conversion and a prophecy.  All in Daniel ch. 2.  What could possibly be in store for us next week?  Find out this Wednesday, 7:00pm at PULSE