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PULSE Worship tonight! DANCE OFF!!!

Posted: February 29, 2012 by jaultma2 in PULSE Worship, Video
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Hey everybody!  Each week before PULSE on Wednesday nights you’re going to get a sneak preview of one of the games or songs we’ll be playing/singing for the evening.  Tonight is our very first Back to the Future, Sadie Hawkins Dance!  Join us at 7pm for a truly groundbreaking event.  While you’re getting ready check out an awesome song that you’ll hear out on the dance floor tonight.  NeedToBreathe’s “Girl Named Tennessee”

Wanna Dance?

Posted: February 28, 2012 by jaultma2 in Events, PULSE Worship
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The very first ever PULSE Sadie Hawkins Dance is only 1 day away! Remember you can come dressed like it’s 1984, 2012 or 2040 because something like this only happens once every 28 years. The event starts at 7pm with music, food, and games! Come check it out and bring a friend.