Dear Church Family

Posted: September 30, 2012 by jaultma2 in Uncategorized

Dear Students, Children, Workers, Parents and Friends:

For the last six years I’ve had the honor of serving as Youth and Children’s Pastor at Westside Baptist Church. At least 2 of those years I had at least some idea of what I was doing. Earlier today I walked out the door of the church for the last time as your Pastor. What a strange feeling.

It’s been a pleasure meeting, serving and working with you all. My job is the best in the world because I can serve God and hang out with awesome people all at the same time. I’ve learned so much from all of you and I can only hope you’ve learned something from me.

I will continually pray for all of you. I will pray that you continue to seek God’s direction for your life and pursue Him with all of your being. I will pray that as a group you will be diligent in sharing Christ’s love with your friends, family and community. I will pray that you will love one another and continue to grow together as you also grow closer to Him.

Don’t worry this is not goodbye. Goodbye is saved for when you’ll never see someone again and that’s simply not the case here. I will always be available for you and am only a phone call away. Please know that I will continue to cheer you on and pray for you as you grow throughout life and head off into adulthood. Just because we’re no longer in the same church doesn’t mean we’re not in the same church family.

So, take care of yourselves and take care of each other. Lift each other up and point one another toward Christ. I look forward to hearing all of the praise reports from the wonderful work you do at Westside and I can’t wait to rejoice along with you in those victories.

So for now, I’ll say see ya later, take care, hasta luego, and sayonara but not goodbye. Make me proud. I’ll miss and love you all.

In Love and Praise,
Pastor Justin

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