FUGE Update:

Posted: March 26, 2012 by jaultma2 in Announcements, FUGE, Parents
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Not to alarm anyone but we are now only 95 Days away from FUGE 2012!!!  Isn’t that crazy/awesome/unbelievable/exciting?  I know right?!?  Since camp is so close it’s good to remember the important dates coming up.  Like…

  • March 1st   – First $50 deposit is due. (I’m including this one since less than half of the deposits have been paid!)
  • April 15th  –  The date of our next camp parent’s meeting.  The meeting will be at 12:30pm in the activities building.
  • April 30th  – Cancellation deadline.  If you for some reason can’t go to camp and you do not cancel before this deadline you will an extra $50
  • June 1st       – Second $50 deposit is due
  • June 30th   – The day we leave for camp!

There will be more important date reminders coming up in the near future (look for fundraising updates early next week) so keep your eye out for even more exciting news!

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