Christmas Party Details

Posted: December 8, 2011 by jaultma2 in Events, Parents, PULSE Worship
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We are less than two weeks away from our annual White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange Extravaganza!  So, as a refresher for our friends who have never been to a WECGEE, or parents who are wondering why they need to be ANOTHER present, here’s how it works.  Each person brings one wrapped gift with them to the party.  It does not have to be something super nice or fancy.  Make sure your gift costs $10 or less and is something fun and appropriate for grades 6-12.

On the night of WECGEE, we will all draw numbers and play the White Elephant game.  Don’t worry, if you’ve never played it’s easy to learn.  Everyone will leave with a gift and hopefully a few memories to share.  See, it’s easy.  Don’t miss it!  Wednesday December 21st @ 7:00pm!

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